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 Learn how TO Add $10k+ in 60 days or your money back Guaranteed with the YO Grow Your Gym 60 Day Accelerator!

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Here's What you get In THE

60 DAY Accelerator

60 days of step-by-step guidance. No guess work, no more frustration. Just a simple to follow process that will guarantee a massive increase in revenue, improved business structure and function and finally open up your schedule so you can have a life again.

The program is broken up into 12 powerful modules and strategies. Each section is packed full of easy to implement steps that have been battle tested in the trenches of the Fitness Industry inside of Vigor Ground, JaxFit as well as hundreds of other Gyms who work closely with us inside of the YO! Grow Your Gym Mentorship.

Weekly Live Trainings + Q&A SESSIONS

Get an unfair advantage.

 Live Q&A sessions every week so you can get all of your individual questions answered.

 Access to our private and exclusive YO! Grow Your Gym Social Network.

 Accountability System & Planner that tracks your progress every single day.

 Access to a LIVE & Exclusive Mastermind Event in Miami Feb 3rd & 4th 2023

 Access to our goal setting & 60 day outcomes Masterclass & Accountability System for Gym Owners.

 Lifetime access to the Accelerator Membership site



 Gym Business from A-Z on how to turn your business into a well oiled machine with 12 laser focused modules that are simple and quick to implement with no marketing ad spend.

 How to dominate and become the GO-TO Gym in your area.

 Luka's social media domination program (how to gain followers by creating content that people are truly craving).

 Access our Results in Advance Strategy that has been battle tested and works every time.

 A proven clear path to more profits so you can stress less and actually love your gym again!

 12 Frameworks guaranteed to help you get more clients, better results and long term success.

Weekly Live Trainings


Get an unfair advantage.

 Live Coaching Calls Every Tuesday at 2pm EST with Luka, Steve & Coach Pat.

 Live Q&A sessions every week so you can get all of your individual questions answered.

 Access to our private and exclusive YO! Grow Your Gym Social Network.

 Accountability System that tracks your progress every single day.

 Access to our LIVE & Exclusive Mastermind Event in Seattle at Vigor Ground Fitness & Performance.

 Access to our goal setting & 60 day outcomes Masterclass & Accountability System for Gym Owners.

On top of that, every month we will have Live Expert Interviews with Top Experts In The World on coaching, brick-and-mortar gym owning, online branding, marketing, social media + more. These interviews will be recorded and uploaded for ON DEMAND access.

$1,500/Month Value

Business, marketing

& SALES tactics

No More guessing where your next client is coming from.

 Gym Business from A-Z on how to turn your business into a well oiled machine. Business by the numbers, systems, operations, simple structure so you can finally step away from Low ROI activities and make serious money!

 Done for you plug & play proven Facebook Marketing (from the ad copy to the funnel, we got you).

 How to dominate Google & become the GO-TO Gym in your area.

 Luka's social media domination program (how to gain followers by creating content that people are truly craving).

 The Vigor Experience - How to create Insane Culture, Dialed In Customer Service and Deliver World Class Coaching on Auto-pilot.

 How to become your local TV & Newspaper "Fitness Expert" (it's not as difficult as you think, and we have a system!)

 How to build a solid team that will allow you to expand your current business so that you can finally have time to see your family.

 7 Steps that are guaranteed to drive qualified leads into your Gym at a blistering pace (be ready to level up!)

$497/Month Value



Save your Time & Energy.

 Program Design.

 Coach on the Floor.


 Build A Gym Like Vigor.

 The Mindset.

 Luka's Exercise Library.

Instant access to ON DEMAND video trainings inside of our members area teaching proven strategies and tactics in Organic & Paid Marketing, Sales, Systems, Automation, Social Media Domination, Team Building, Follow Up, Reactivation & so much more.

$997/Month Value

Plus Get Access To Never Before Seen

OVER 100+ hours of unreleased footage from the Vigor Ground Fitness and Business Summit! Gain access to presentations from TOP SPEAKERS IN THE WORLD!

Access The Syndicate Magazine with hundreds of done for you Team Training workouts, and Fitness Business Tactics and Strategies tested and proven in the trenches of the Fitness Industry.

Ashlee Szabo
Opus Lab
Opus Body Lab
Eric Parent
TFW - South Metro
Hannah Powley
Lift With Hannah



Luka Hocevar
Head Coach
Luka is the founder and co-owner of the Vigor Ground gym in Ljubljana, Slovenia and owner of the Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance in Seattle, WA. Both gyms are recognized as leaders in coaching in each respective country, cumulatively coaching and transforming over 8,000 clients in total since 2006. He's personally coached over 3,000 clients from the highest level professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, UFC, MLB, College and high school, rehab patients with many different types of injuries/conditions, and clients from every walk of life looking to achieve looking, feeling, and performing better. His Mindset and Training Strategies are for those that are tired of shit that doesn't work... Those committed to ruthless results from education that's backed by science and real world results!
Steve Krebs
Head Coach
Steve Krebs owned and operated multiple Gyms in Upstate NY for over 12 years in an area that was ranked 'Top 10 worst areas to own a Business' by Forbes Magazine, before moving "Beyond The Gym" to a full time Coaching & Consulting Business. Steve is Co-owner and Head Coach of YO! Grow Your Gym. He's also now Owner and Head Coach of Next Level Performance Consulting, Co-owner of STA ELITE Digital Marketing Agency and Co-owner of Warrior Greens Supplement Company. Steve is a world-renowned master coach, consultant and mentor to Entrepreneurs, CEO's and Fitness Business Owners with time spent as the Head Coach at Wake Up Warrior, Business Consultant to Training for Warriors, as well as the creator and coach at the Pack Fitness Business.
Pat Henigan
Assistant Coach
Pat is the owner of Jacksonville Fitness Academy in North Florida. He’s been published in Reader’s Digest, Shape and is a regular guest on News4Jax and writes for Jacksonville Magazine.  He’s been in the trenches coaching since 2010 and has coached MLS players, internationally capped South American Soccer players, SNL Cast Members and multiple Fortune 500 CEOs. Despite only being in Jacksonville for 5 years, he’s grown his gym to be a highly profitable, impactful local business but more importantly has systematized his gym to allow him to spend more time with his 2 young daughters than he does with clients.
Noah LeCount
Client Success Manager
Noah has spent the last 3 years building a successful online fitness business, as well as growing his in-person training clientele. Noah is here to help you navigate your 60 Days with no stressing or guessing, your wins are his wins.

Now Meet COACH


Why You Can

Trust Us

Together, We Have OVER 34 YEARS in the trenches of the Fitness Industry, running successful gyms!

Helped 1,000's of FIT PRO's

We've helped thousands of people just like you make more money, create more impact in their communities and build the fitness business of their dreams...

Creators of CTG & Vigor Summit Events

Creators of Changing the Game and the Vigor Ground Fitness & Business Summit events that have ignited the fitness industry to "Leave it Better Than They Found It."

2 Honest, Blue Collar Guys

...who found a way to create massive success and now love to help others figure out how to do the same.



Together, Steve and Luka started out as co-owners of the Pack Fitness Business Consulting Group. Now operating under YO! Grow Your Gym, Steve & Luka are dedicated to helping you create lasting success and impact.

Real Results from


"Steve and Luka have been in our corner, they're ALWAYS there for us with questions. I can't believe how quick they respond to stuff... If I have a question I get a response with-in 5 minutes..."

Small Call to Action Headline

Small Call to Action Headline

“Steve and Luka have really helped me with honing in on my daily discipline for myself, and getting my mind right so I can fully show up for all of my clients…”

Hannah Powley

Lift With Hannah

"They actually care about you... you're not just a part of sea of people, you're an individual person. It's their type of coaching that's inspired me to bring that exact energy to my own clients."

Small Call to Action Headline

Small Call to Action Headline

"To some of us, this is everything depending on energy levels, so, If you're on the fence, I'd say make sure you have that heart to heart conversation with yourself, and then DEFINITELY, definitely jump in!"

Small Call to Action Headline

Small Call to Action Headline

"Steve and Luka have been great, I think they're a great collaborative effort, meaning that one's better in one area, one's better in another area, but they fit really well together..."

Small Call to Action Headline

Small Call to Action Headline

Stop Wasting Your Time Trying To Do Everything Yourself...

We understand how frustrating it can feel to put your all in but still come up short. 

The Fitness Business Game is unforgiving and requires a ton of focused work to build a strong foundation that will survive long term.

YO! Grow Your Gym is an absolute Game Changing Program that will help you to CREATE A SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS THAT IS BUILT TO LAST... all for less than $17 bucks a day!

Frequently Asked


 How Does This Program Work?

The YO! Grow Your Gym 60 Day Accelerator is a hybrid style program which is delivered via Live Training & On Demand Content. Each week has a module that comes with specific training, strategies, tasks and accountability all built around you adding a MINIMUM of $10,000 to your business (or your money back no questions asked). All Coaching, Training and Consulting happens inside of our own private social network, so there will be zero distractions and you will have easy access to all of the recordings of trainings and Q&A's. You will be onboarded into the program quickly, have a 1 on 1 call with our onboarding specialist. The next step is setting your 60 day targets which will allow us to be crystal clear on how to get you there, plus add that "special sprinkle of accountability" on top. You will be required to follow the guidance and instructions of your Coaches throughout the 6 month process. This program is dialed in and will be insanely easy for you to follow along and implement into your business. So buckle up, you are about to create the business and life of your dreams!

 What's The Cost?

The Yo! Grow Your Gym 60 Day Mastermind Accelerator is an investment of $3,000 dollars. There are no refunds or cancellations allowed until the end of the program, if you do everything we teach and don't make at LEAST $10,000 in new revenue we will refund your investment no questions asked.

 How Long Is The Commitment?

The YO! Mastermind Accelerator is a 60 day program. Yes, you must commit to the entire 60 days. That is the only way we can guarantee the results we promised. Plus, we only want to work with fully committed Gym Owners. So we require our members to be ALL IN or not in at all.

 What Kind Of Results Can I Expect?

Like any program your results rely 10000% on your ability to follow instructions and Do The Work. We have seen students add as much as $10,000/month recurring in this mastermind program ($120k/year increase). So the results you achieve all depend on your attitude and aptitude. We know it works, the question is... will you?

 Do I Have To Own A Gym To Join?

You must either own a gym, be in the process of opening a gym or be in INTRApreneur inside of someone else's gym. You MUST have the ability to implement our systems, marketing, sales etc or the program will not work at the level that we require.

 How's This Program Different From Others?

We can't speak for the experience, results or lack there of from other programs. We will say that our program has more Access, Association & Accountability while keeping an affordable cost. We are fully committed to helping as many Gym Owners as possible. Weekly Live Trainings, Live Q&A's, Accountability Coaches, ON Demand videos on Business, Training, Coaching, Expert Interviews and more. We are committed to making this the best Coaching experience you have ever had.
Josh Ford
Thrive Performance & Training Center
Physio Movement & Performance
Reid petersen
TFW Apple Valley
Darwin Diaz
Coach Darwin Performance
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